Web 3.0 – Banned Words and Phrases

Want to be part of the next big thing? So big that your mind will explode in its feeble attempt to contemplate its awesomeness? We are dynamic, result-driven, lean startup gurus and ex-xanga interns looking to turn our visionary idea into reality. Ly.io.er is a mobile-optimized, location-based, social network that aggregates your big data from the cloud in real-time.

Although the product is currently in stealth beta, we need a full-stack engineer to turn our business vision into reality. The cross-platform, content-management system should be mobile-first, and written in HTML5, C-, CafeScript, SpinalBone, Microsoft Word, MangoDB and Google Apps. We need a rockstar growth-hacker looking to program using the latest technology. Ideally, the candidate should work well in a fast-paced environment.

Company perks includes water and our startup culture is informal and fun: you’ll have the chance to partake in square-dance thursdays, hop-skotch fridays and sandwich saturdays (cold cuts not included)! Interested applicants must sign an NDA before proceeding to the interview round as ly.io.er utilizes proprietary algorithms that you might just develop! Although we cannot offer a salary at this time, we can throw in some equity in the company that you’ll probably have to make – from the ground-up. You’re welcome for the opportunity!


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